Based on the movie’s message, The 3Cs of Life, Sheryl has created a motivational, informative, and entertaining speech for women’s groups, mom’s groups, associations, and organizations on this topic. Her engaging style delivers sage advice and smart solutions to propel women in life and business.

Why Choose Sheryl for Your Next Event?

Sheryl’s insights, authenticity, and innovative The 3Cs of Life presentation shares your mission in business, relationships, and life goals through her 3Cs (Courtesy, Courage, and Common Sense).

Sheryl’s The 3Cs of Life consists of 3 characteristics that are simple to implement and easy to remember. So often when attendees hear someone’s speech, they forget most of it soon after they leave the room. Sheryl’s audience will walk away with these 3 concepts implanted in their minds and hearts – forever. She shares tools to cultivate and nourish the power within to transform possibilities into reality.

Learn How To:

• Overcome fear from getting in your way
• Set and achieve goals you never imagined
• Rediscover your dreams
• Open your imagination
• Discover your potential & legacy
• Define the importance of courtesy, courage, and common sense

Sheryl will impart the keys and tools to be fearless to innovate, create and thrive. Sheryl’s concepts of the The 3Cs of Life will inspire your imagination.

3 Reasons to Book Sheryl:

1. Strategies for Difficult Times: Sheryl connects to her audience with humorous and motivating stories that others can relate to that are reminiscent of their challenges. We all struggle with our life’s purpose. Through the 3Cs of Life, we learn that life occurrences may not always seem to make sense, but through these 3 characteristics we can arrive at our significance and purpose— especially during the tough times.

2. Restore Hope: Bleak situations can turn around. Small steps lead to big achievements and when a little backsliding occurs, not as much ground is lost. Audience goers learn the high impact of even small courtesies, how to gain the courage to take risks and conquer challenges, the common sense wisdom for everyday living to know when to step outside your comfort zone.

3. Small Town Girl, Big City Experience: Sheryl believes one defining moment can redefine our lives. Sheryl shares her journey of adjusting to a such a sudden life change – moving to the largest city in the U.S., tackling transportation with millions as a pregnant mom with a toddler, expensive schooling, and trying to be accepted on every level. The same principles and strategies that she used to overcome her loss of independence, become responsible for others lives, accept her new reality in a notoriously unfriendly town, and deal with the frustration can be applied by audience members to effectively manage the unpredictable, swift pace of their life challenges, and adjust to constant change in a positive manner. Sheryl shows participants how to overcome their obstacles and achieve happiness and success.

3Cs of Life is Well-Suited For:

• Conferences: Keynote, Break-out session, Kick-off, or Close with inspiration
• Conventions & Seminars: Entrepreneurial events, Networking, Moms Events, Women’s Expos, Workshops
• Evening Entertainment: Conferences, Awards Banquets
• Luncheons: Club Meetings, Women’s Groups, Mom’s Groups, Leadership Trainings, Retreats,  Small groups

Presentation is 20 minutes.

Documentary Showing:

A showing of the film, along with a 10 minute presentation time for questions for the filmmaker can be arranged.

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