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by subwaybaby on October 10, 2010






Nominated for BEST DOCUMENTARY  at itvFest!


How one very pregnant Midwestern mom enlisted her baby to be an undercover agent in New York City in order to rediscover the 3Cs of life.


After relocating with her husband’s job, one Midwestern mom’s simple life became complicated after being plunked down in the midst of 8 million pushy people in New York City. Uprooted from a town in Indiana that connected her to the work and people she knew, this pregnant woman with a toddler in tow was feeling lost and without direction until she remembered the 3Cs of life. What are they? Find out along the “track of life”.

Secrets revealed in this documentary:

•  Do you wonder what kind of society we’ve become in helping others?

•  Do you think we’ve gone overboard on preschool?

Take a ride aboard Subway Baby.  It may change your destiny too!

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Thy Cavagnaro October 13, 2010 at 9:27 am

I loved it!!! I thought the trailer was really engaging; it highlighted some of the areas that mothers in NYC have to deal with, and it definitely piqued my interest — even as a non-mother. I think mothers especially will really want to watch this and can relate to many aspects of it. Again, LOVED it and cannot wait to see the full movie!!

admin October 13, 2010 at 9:27 am

So what do I mean by a Subway Baby? Well, whether you are pregnant, have a child or not – You have a Subway Baby in your life. The Subway Baby is your community. You are an influence to all those around you. You’re a leader, a mother or father figure, an inspiration … that we do care about one another.

By living by the 3 C’s (find out what they are in the movie), you discover the underground roadmap for life’s lessons. On the track of life, if we all exercise the 3 C’s – the world will be a better place.

It took my living in a city of 8 million people to see that values do exist and can thrive. As they say, if you can do it here, you can make it happen anywhere.

When you live by the 3 C’s, you’re always on the right track of life. Pass on the legacy to your Subway Baby – whoever that may be.

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